Bajre ki Khichdi Pure Rajasthani Recipe ki Khichdi Pure Rajasthani Recipe

Bajre ki Khichdi is winter food in india. In this short video you will see the recipe of bajra khichdi , most popular in Indian villages. Bajra also known as Pearl Millet is a highly ironed content.It has immense health uses and benefits, also has some medicinal properties.It is easily digestible, gluten free, rich in fibre content ; so good for diabetic also.Even the whole grains supports weight loss. so make it and enjoy .
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Bajre ki Khichdi Pure Rajasthani Recipe

Bajrae ke khchdi


Bajra ( Pearl millet )- 1 big bowl soaked in little water atleast for 1 hour
Salt – 2 tsp
Brown whole chowla or chowla dal – 50 -100 gms
Water – 5 bowls


Beat or crush bajra to remove husk. After removing husk crush it and make a thick coarse powder. Heat water,slowly put the powder in it with continuous stirring. Add chowlas , salt. Cover and cook for 45 min. to 1 hour. Serve it hot with lots of ghee, gur, or butter.Serve it cold with curd and chach.


We can take yellow moong dal instead of chowlas.

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