Chilli pickle (Mirch Aachar) Recipe pickle (Mirch Aachar) Recipe

Through a short video we are showing the easy way to make Mirch Ka Aachar (Chilli Pickle) Recipe with tips – Chillies are mainly used as a spice in food. these are hot spicy and bitter in taste, but rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.
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Chilli pickle (Mirch Aachar) Recipe

Mirch ka Aachar

Chillies ( green or red ) – 1 kg., washed and dried
Saunf (aniseed) – 1 cup
Dana methi – 1 cup
Salt- 3 tsp.
Red chilli powder- 1 tsp.
Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp.
Ground mustard seeds -2 tsp.
Mustard oil – ½ – 1 kg.

Split the chillies, and remove the seeds. Dry roast saunf and dana methi for few min. Let them cool and make a thick powder of them. In this powder mix salt, chilli powder, Turmeric powder and Ground mustard seeds. Fill the powder in chillies.put filled chillies in a glass bottle. Heat the oil till smoke, and then cool it.pour it over chillies.

1.Pickle should always be moisture free
2.Mustard oil is best for pickles. If not available use tilli oil , or last option is groundnut oil.
3.Chillies should be cover with oil for a long life pickle.

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