Coconut Chatni Recipe Chatni Recipe

In this short video you will get how to make Coconut chatni in few minutes. we are trying to do this by a shortest video. Coconut chatni is also known as South Indian chatni.Coconut contains vitamin a, b ,c , protein and many other nutritious values and easily available all over the world ; also used to enhance the taste of food. Coconut  is very high in fat, especially saturated fat. It is also a good source of Carbohydrate, Dietary fibre and Sugar. Being rich in dietary fiber, coconut flesh is good for those suffering   from  constipation.  Coconut is good for building up the body muscles of thin and emaciated individuals. So enjoy Coconut chatni & share your comments with me.
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Coconut Chatni Recipe

Coconut chatni


Coconut ( dry ) – 1
Roasted chana – 1 bowl
Curd – 2 bowl
Green chilli – 5-6
Corriander leaves – 1 bowl
Salt – 1 ½ tsp
For seasoning :
Little Oil , Curry leaves, mustard seeds ( rai )


Grate coconut. Chop chillies. Crush all ingredients with some water, in a mixer. Heat oil in a kadahi, put rai and chopped curry leaves and crushed paste . off the gas.

Tips :

1. You can make it without Corriander leaves. But people who does not like original coconut taste , it will definitely liked by them. Corriander leaves are used for green colour and for different taste.

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