Dhania Chatni Recipe

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This is the easiest & fastest way to make Dhania Chatni with tips . Dhania ie. corriander leaves are flavouring agent, used all around the world. We use it’s roots , stems , leaves and seeds also. this is a Tasty v/s healthy chatni. Coriander actually has many health benefits. It is  known for its efficacy in healthy digestion. Coriander is one of the spices that very well known in the world. The aroma and taste of coriander is very distinctive and can flavor dishes, but not too sharp on the tongue. A study found Coriander leaves  to contain antioxidants. Chemicals derived from coriander leaves were found to have antibacterial activity. So enjoy Dhania Chatni & share your comments with me.
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Dhania Chatni Recipe

Dhania ke Chatni

Dhania ( coriander leaves)- 1 bowl , washed and chopped
Tomatoes – 250 gms( 4-5) chopped
Green chillie- 2 chopped
Ginger – Small piece crushed
Onion – 2 small chopped
Cumin seeds – 1tsp
Red chillie powder – ¼ tsp
Salt – 1 tsp

Mix all the ingredients in a mixer. Put little water and grind. Chatni is ready.

1.Curd can be added instead of tomatoes.
2.Add sugar for sweet n sour taste.
3.Add garlic, namkeen to enhance taste.

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