Lahsun Mirch chatni (Garlic Chilli Chatni) Recipe Mirch chatni (Garlic Chilli Chatni) Recipe

Here we are telling you to make Garlic Chilli Chatni famous by the name Lahsun Mirch chatni , through a very short video. It is Very Very popular in Rajasthan.Garlic has many qualities to keep us is an antiseptic,keeps heart healthy,stimulates the immune system, normalize blood sugar;but most powerful when eaten raw. As well as chillies are hot spicy ,yet provides vitamin A and C. I am adding tomatoes in it to reduce it’s spiciness and enhance the taste. This chatni is best with Bajra or Makka roti , wheat roti and also served with pav bhaji .
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Lahsun Mirch chatni (Garlic Chilli Chatni)

Garlic Chilli Chatni


red whole chillies- 250 gms
garlic – 50 gms
tomato – 250 gms
salt – 1-2 teaspoon
cuminseeds ( jeera) – 3 teaspoon
oil – 4-5 tablespoon
corriander leaves for garnishing


peel garlic,chop chillies and tomatoes, and crush in mixer alongwith garlic, salt and 2 teaspoon cuminseeds.Heat oil in a pan , season with cuminseeds and put the crushed mixture to it. roast on low flame till leaves oil.( it takes half an hour ) garnish with corriander leaves and serve .


1. dry red whole chillies can be used instead of wet red whole chillies. for this soak them in warm water. 2. chilli powder also can be used.

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