Makka( Maize) Dalia Maize) Dalia

Makka (Maize)  is a most famous cereal in North India. Makka is a coarse cereal and provides relief from heat in summer and increases energy in winter. Yet It is mainly used in winter season. It is found as whole grain, flour, dalia, cornflakes etc. Makka flour is used to make many Rajasthani dishes like roti , dhokla, rabdi, lapsi etc. and Mexican dish like nachos , takos. From the nutritious point of view it is glutten free and rich in dietary fibre. In this video you will learn to make Makka dalia, a pure Rajasthani recipe. It is simple, easy as well as healthy and nutritious. So make this recipe and share your comments with me.

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Makka( Maize) Dalia

Makka (Maize) Dalia2

A pure Rajasthani recipe,Easy and healthy recipe

Makka Dalia (Raw)- 1 bowl
Yellow Moong Dal – 3-4 tsp
Salt – 1 tsp
Water – 4 bowl( 4 times more than dalia)

Put water in a pressure cooker to boil. Mix dalia and dal. Put these (dalia and dal) slowly in hot water with continuous stirring. Add salt , stir till it starts boiling. Cover the cooker with lid and take 8-10 pressures on high flame. Makka dalia is ready to serve. Serve it hot with ghee and gur. And serve it cold with curd and buttermilk.

Makka dalia can be eat both in summer and winter. Serve hot in winters , and cold in summers.

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