Paratha Pizza a reused recipe of parathas Pizza a reused recipe of parathas

Paratha Pizza is a reused recipe of parathas ( flat Indian bread) , made from wheat flour. As the name indicates it looks like a pizza. For topping we use onion , tomatoes to enhance it’s taste and nutritive values.Like tomato is very good source of iron and vitamin A and C.while onion add flavour to any food and plays a protective role against many health problems. In summer season raw onion is eaten to prevent from sunstrokes .onion and tomato both are superfood, can be eaten raw , cooked, fried. so learn to make this paratha pizza by this shortest video, I am sure it will liked by you and your children.
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Paratha Pizza a reused recipe of parathas

Paratha Pizza2


Paratha or Roti
For topping
Chopped onion , tomato , green chilli add salt and red chilli powder according to taste
Tomato sauce
Namkeen bhujia


Take paratha , apply sauce over it. Spread topping i.e. chopped vegetables on it. Put the paratha in preheated oven till it becomes crispy. Take out it and garnish it with namkeen.cut in pieces and serve hot.


1.This is a method of using remained rotis.
2.This is a fantastic way to use old and dried roties. Its really very tasty, even children are very crazy for this.

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