Gond ke Laddu , Perfect and Healthy

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Gond Ke Laddu is a Perfect traditional , energetic Winter Desert.Which provides warmth to the body. This North Indian sweet is made with wheat flour , dry fruits , ghee, gond ( edible gum ) , blackpepper , dry ginger etc.Dryfruits have their own nutrient factors . These laddus can be eaten by anybody but mostly given to lactating mothers in India. With a glass of warm milk Laddus are the perfect nutritious breakfast. so enjoy with Laddus, after viewing this short video .
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Gond laddu



wheat flour thick- 2kg
ghee – 2.5 – 3 kg
boora { ground sugar }- 2.5 kg
treacle ( gud ) – 500 gms
almond – 500 gms
cashewnuts- 500 gms
gond – 500 gms
dry coconut – 1 kg
dry ginger ( saunth )- 50 gms
black pepper – 50 gms
& nbsp;


Grate coconut. grind almond and cashews thick and black pepper thin. grind and sieve dry ginger. heat ghee in a kadahi. fry gond , and keep it aside with other dry fruits. now put flour into kadahi and roast it on low flame till golden brown colour with continuous stirring. ( this quantity will take atleast 1 hour ) now let it cool till warm. put all the other ingredients into it and mix well. make round balls  quickly. your laddus are ready.


1. quantity of dryfruits are on your choice. 2. do not put boora in hot mixture, it leaves water.
3. in laddu the ratio is 1kg wheat flour: 750 gms boora , but we are adding dry fruits so takes more boora.
4. make laddus fast while the mix is warm otherwise it cant possible in cool mixture.

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