Til Ke Laddu (Sesame Laddus) Recipe

http://annacooking.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Til-ke-laddu1.jpghttp://annacooking.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Til-ke-laddu1.jpgTil Ke Laddu (Sesame Laddus) Recipe

Sesame Laddus also known as Til ke laddu in India , is a healthy and tasty food. Sesame seeds with nutty flavour have highest oil contents , high protein and calcium . Mixed with gur ( treacle or jaggery ) also a great source of Iron. By this short video you will see the easiest and fastest way to make Till Laddus .
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Til Ke Laddu (Sesame Laddus) Recipe

Til ke laddu


Til ( sesame ) – 2 kg.
Gud( treacle)- 2 ½ kg.
Oil or ghee- 2 tbsp


Dry roast til in a kadahi with continuous stirring till colour changes in light brown. Make small pieces of gud. In a kadahi put oil or ghee, put gud and let it melt. Off the gas. Mix til in it, and make laddus .


1.Add roasted and crushed peanuts in laddus for a fine taste.
2.We can add dryfruits also.

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